#1 Continuing Education for License Renewal. 250.104(B) Bonding Gas Piping.
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Gas pipe bonding jumper sized according to circuit likely to energize it.
Gas pipe bonding has been a very controversial electrical issue. In the past, gas piping was thought to be sufficiently bonded if a gas appliance was connected to a 15 ampere circuit with a 14 gauge equipment grounding conductor.  This is no longer the case because of a lawsuit that claimed lightning caused holes in corrugated stainless steel tubing, and the leaking gas resulted in a house fire.

Everyone then began to rethink gas pipe bonding, referring back to the gas pipe manufacturers’ instructions. The problem is that there are several brands of this type of gas tubing and the manufacturers have different ideas about gas pipe bonding. There has yet to be a consistent industry-wide consensus of what should be done about gas pipe bonding. Section 250.104(B) refers us to use Table 250.122 to select the size of the bonding jumper for gas piping.
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