#1 Continuing Education for License Renewal. 210.11(C)(3) Bathroom Branch Circuits.
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A dedicated 20 amp branch circuit required for bathroom outlet(s).

A 20 amp circuit is required to supply the bathroom receptacle outlets. If other outlets in the same bathroom are connected to the 20 amp circuit, the circuit cannot leave the bathroom. However, if only receptacle outlets are served, then the 20 amp circuit can be run to additional bathrooms in the house.

For example, if a 20 amp circuit feeds the receptacles in the master bathroom and also supplies a light fixture and fan in that bathroom, the circuit is not permitted to supply receptacles or other outlets in another bathroom. However, if only the receptacle outlets in the master bathroom are connected to the 20 amp circuit , the circuit can be extended to other bathrooms throughout the house provided it only supplies receptacles outlets in the other bathrooms.

Appliances used in the bathroom like hair dryers and curling irons can draw a lot of current. A 1500 watt hair dryer operating at 120 volts will draw 12.5 amps. If two of them are being used at the same time in different bathrooms and are wired on the same circuit, a 20 amp breaker should trip.

Question #1 Continuing Education for License Renewal.

The required 20 amp bathroom circuit which supplies a GFCI protected receptacle is permitted to:

A: Also supply a light fixture and fan in a single bathroom.
B: Supply all the loads in more than 1 bathroom.
C: Supply bathroom and laundry loads.
D: Supply bathroom and bedroom loads.  
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