#1 Continuing Education for License Renewal. 210.11(C)(2) Laundry Branch Circuit.
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The 20 amp laundry circuit can have more than one outlet.

The dedicated laundry circuit is for loads in the laundry area.  The required 20 ampere branch circuit is not just for the washing machine.  It is for the laundry receptacle outlet(s).  

The 20 ampere branch circuit for the laundry can provide power to the washer outlet and a general purpose outlet in the laundry room and still meet the requirements of the code. The additional outlet is often used to provide power for ironing.

If there is a sink in the laundry area, any receptacle outlet within 6 ft. of the sink, including the outlet for the washing machine, must be GFCI protected.


Question #1 Continuing Education for License Renewal.

In the photo above, there are two No.12 AWG NM cables installed in the washing machine receptacle box. Which of the following statements about the laundry branch circuit is correct?

A: The washer must be on a 20 ampere dedicated branch circuit and the other cable must be removed.
B: One cable is the homerun to the panelboard and the other may feed 20 amp receptacles in the bathroom.
C: One cable is the homerun to the panelboard and the other cable may feed only another receptacle(s) located in the laundry area.
D: A 15 ampere branch circuit is allowed to feed the receptacles located in the laundry area.
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